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Stephen Odzer Discusses the New York Yeshiva That Is Currently Distributing Protect Gear to Local Medical Facilities

Stephen Odzer discusses a New York yeshiva that is currently raising money and distributing gear to medical facilities in need. Communities around the country are coming together to show their support for those suffering from a lack of medical supplies, funding, and more due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rabbi Eitan Rubin, head of the Beit […]

Stephen Odzer

An Interview with Stephen Odzer

About Stephen Odzer    Stephen Odzer has been a successful American entrepreneur throughout his life. Since turning 18, Stephen has worked hard to create, develop, and successfully lead businesses in the distribution industry, leading to being named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in 2000. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Stephen currently […]

Steven Odzer Shares Why Young Americans Should Vote

Businessman Steven Odzer is a proud Republican and has been a strong supporter of the Republican Jewish Coalition for many years. For Steven Odzer, his participation in politics is important since he likes to stay on top of what is best for his community. “I am very involved with Republican Party and Republican Jewish Committee,” he says. Steven […]