Highlighting Jewish Charities Featured on the Forbes Top 200 List

Stephen Odzer

March 2, 2021

Discusses Several Jewish Charities Featured on the Forbes Top 200 List

The Jewish community has long been known for its contributions to academic institutions, religious organizations, community organizations, and more. There are hundreds of large scale Jewish foundations across the United States, a number of them have recently been featured on the Forbes Top 200 list. Philanthropist and member of the Jewish community, Stephen Odzer discussed several of those top charities and what they do.

“The American Jewish Community is one of the longest-lasting Jewish advocacy organizations in the world,” Stephen Odzer said. “It began more than 100 years ago as an organization to protect Russian Jews in the U.S., but the organization now speaks out on behalf of Jewish community members around the world.”

Stephen Odzer stated that it was no surprise to see the American Jewish Committee on the Forbes Top 200 list. Some of the most impactful projects by the committee include the AJC Wire blog, the AJC Archives, and the Green Project. Stephen Odzer added that another Jewish charity featured on the list is the United Jewish Community Federations. Also known as the United Jewish Communities (UJC), this organization serves as a focal point for giving in the Jewish world. The UJC is the main giving destination amongst those in the U.S. Jewish community.

“The UJC is a collection of federations that make major charitable contributions to their communities,” Stephen Odzer said. “Forbes outlined the top federations within the UJC, which include organizations in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York, and San Francisco.”

Stephen Odzer stated that another notable Jewish charity featured on the list is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This activist organization makes leaps and bounds in combating anti-Semitism and hate around the world. Stephen Odzer added that this is the No. 1 most recognized organization working to fight hate in the Jewish community. It has established itself as a prominent civil rights and anti-hate campaign.

“What makes the ADL so special is that it doesn’t just fight on behalf of the Jewish community,” Stephen Odzer said. “The mission is to combat hate and civil rights violations of all kinds, so it is constantly working to unite the Jewish community with other marginalized communities around the globe.”

Stephen Odzer finished by commenting on one more charity on the Forbes Top 200 list. Hadassah, also known as the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is by far the wealthiest organization of the Jewish charities featured on the list. He stated that Hadassah women are typically very devoted and remain members of the organization for their entire lives. Stephen Odzer explained that Hadassah is often praised for its unwavering support of medical organizations.

“It’s clear to see that the Jewish community is making major positive impacts on local communities, the country of the United States, and countless other countries around the globe,” Stephen Odzer said.