Passion for Sports Through Philanthropic Efforts

Stephen Odzer

March 30, 2021

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Stephen Odzer has had a long and successful career that has helped him to amass a considerable amount of wealth. At the same time, he has continued to follow a variety of professional and college sports teams and has developed a passion for baseball, hockey and other sports played by people all over the country. While he would love to spend more of his time watching sports, Stephen Odzer of New York has continued to recognize the need to give back to his community.


Stephen Odzer is Dedicated Yankees Fan


While there are many sports and teams that he likes to follow, Mr. Odzer has continued to be a dedicated Yankees fan. He has spent his entire life following the Yankees and it is now a passion that he shares with his children and grandchildren as the history and tradition of the team continues to get passed down to the next generation of fans. The Yankees are also a favorite team of his due to the variety of charitable organizations they have created and support.


Odzer Company Partners with Las Vegas Golden Knights


While baseball and the Yankees are two of his favorite pastimes, Stephen Odzer of New York also continues to follow the sport of hockey. Ever since the team was created in the city a few years ago, he has also been a major fan of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. With the operations of his company set in Las Vegas, he also frequently heads from New York to Las Vegas to take in a game. Due to this passion for hockey and the Golden Knights, Odzer has also partnered with the team and is a sponsor for a new practice arena in nearby Henderson. The donations made by Odzer also open up many opportunities for local residents to enjoy the community ice rink as well.


Odzer Provides Support Through Local Charity Funds


While sports are extremely important to Stephen Odzer, he also recognizes the value that comes with higher education. Over the past few years, he has created a new scholarship fund that is designed to help students pay for college. Each year, he will provide up to 20 different college students and applicants with at least $1,000 that can be used to cover some of the costs that come with going to college. The applicants for the scholarship have a variety of backgrounds but often participated in high school sports.


There will continue to be a lot of ways that Stephen Odzer of New York will give back to his community. He will also look for ways to partner with the Yankees, Golden Knights, and other sports teams to help raise money that will be provided to those with limited resources. This will help him to combine two of his greatest passions, which are watching and participating in sports while also giving back to the surrounding community.