Discussing the Value/Rewards of Higher Education

Stephen Odzer

March 18, 2021

Discusses the Value/Rewards of Higher Education

Stephen Odzer is an advocate for higher education, watching every cut to these systems with agitation. An increasingly divided marketplace has made this type of education even more critical, he believes, especially as vocational training continues to serve a rapidly decreasing market. As a result, he recently discussed the benefits and value of higher education to help inspire students who felt that college was not right for them or felt trapped in a career they hated.


Stephen Odzer of New York Examines How Higher Education Prepares Individuals for Life

A growing segment of the marketplace is staffed with individuals from higher education training, Stephen Odzer emphasizes, and building yourself up from the ground floor without a degree is almost impossible these days. As a result, Stephen Odzer stresses that those with a degree make much more – sometimes as much as five times – than people without this type of degree.


Making good money is a goal of any educational process – and having a higher degree often makes it easier to transition to these types of benefits. But beyond the financial benefits offered by higher education, Stephen Odzer also emphasizes how universities build character.


Though many schools have become little more than degree factories that train students to do one job – a facet that Stephen Odzer laments – a real immersion in higher education will almost always make somebody a smarter and better person. This fact is something that few truly understand but is critical for society’s overall betterment, Stephen Odzer believes.


First of all, higher education allows you to pursue things that genuinely interest you and engage with your peers in intelligent ways. There’s very little that can replace an intelligent classroom debate, Stephen Odzer says, a fact that far too many students ignore. And students in universities also learn the value of independence and independent thinking, Stephen Odzer notes, if taught properly.


Unfortunately, those who are training for a career or obtaining a Bachelor’s degree may not receive these benefits, Stephen Odzer of New York says. A growing number of people need to attending Master or even Doctoral programs to learn more about these lessons. And as the marketplace grows more competitive, Stephen Odzer believes that a Master’s degree will become a standard pre-requisite for a higher number of careers, putting many people in a challenging position.


As a result, Stephen Odzer of New York emphasizes starting and sticking with higher education at a young age. Yes, it is okay to have fun while in college. But don’t let fun and career-minded goals distract you from learning more about yourself and the world. Take advantage of classes that may not immediately interest you, use travel-related courses to see new parts of the world, and fully engage with your community.