Understanding the Need for Annual COVID-19 Boosters and the Importance of Taking Precautions

Stephen Odzer

March 16, 2021

With the Potential for Annual COVID-19 Boosters, Warns Everyone to Take Precautions

If COVID-19 becomes endemic, requiring an annual booster shot, it will become important to continue taking precautions, says Stephen Odzer, CEO of PPE retailer Lifeguard (BuyLifeguard.com).


As the new coronavirus continues to mutate, people may need yearly booster shots to maintain their protection against COVID-19, explained Stephen Odzer, CEO of Lifeguard, which sells hand sanitizers, masks and other products desperately needed in the fight against the pandemic.


Wearing PPE Remains Important as COVID Mutates, According to Stephen Odzer

As the virus spreads and mutates, it unleashes new waves of terror, making it imperative for individuals and businesses to stock personal protective gear for employees and customers. Fortunately, companies such as Lifeguard were able to react quickly in getting their product out to underserved communities, explained Stephen Odzer.


“Lifeguard has been saving lives for generations. We reached municipalities where no one else had [PPE],” says Stephen Odzer, adding that the company gave away sanitizers and other products early in the pandemic.


As the virus develops more variants, researchers will have to modify the vaccine to fend off the worst strains. It will work something like the current flu shots, which are updated every year to deal with new strains, according to Stephen Odzer of New York City, NY.


Public health officials believe that the likelihood of boosters will increase if COVID-19 variants continue to spread as quickly as the South African and UK versions have. With the pandemic entering its second year as a public health threat, Stephen Odzer suggests a three-prong approach, including the development of effective therapeutics, updated vaccinations that are easy to distribute, and a continued focus on prevention.


Stephen Odzer Discusses the Importance of Affordable PPE

Companies such as Lifeguard continue to step up to the plate, making masks, sanitizer, and wipes available online at affordable costs. The federal government was quick to crack down on early efforts to charge astronomical rates for masks and gloves, a move Stephen Odzer of New York City, NY praises.


As U.S. citizens await the single-does Johnson and Johnson vaccine to simplify the supply chain, Americans continue to line up for first and second doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. President Joe Biden has pledged to take charge of the distribution efforts and pick up the pace of vaccine production.


Well over a million Americans are receiving the vaccine every day, but thousands more continue to suffer and die every day. Therefore, Stephen Odzer urges Americans to continue social distancing and wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19.