Exploring the Benefits of Philanthropy for Business Success

Stephen Odzer

March 19, 2021

Stephen Odzer of New York Explains How Philanthropy Can Help a Business

Philanthropy is something that is not often visited by many business professionals. On the contrary, it can be one of the most important tools that help your business stand out from the rest. Stephen Odzer is a philanthropist who utilizes its powerful resources to help his business grow. Thankfully, Stephen Odzer is here to provide us business enthusiasts with some information pertaining to philanthropy and how it can help your business grow into something much greater.


One of the most important things about philanthropy is that it helps cultivate employee engagement. A company cannot thrive if its workers are not engaged or believe in what the company is doing. Many companies simply believe that workers exist to create profits for them and this couldn’t be further from the truth. To combat this, Stephen Odzer of New York recommends that your company finds something of intrinsic value to dedicate its energy toward. As an example, you could say that finding a cause to get behind is crucial to ensure that your company is heard and can make a difference in the world. Your employees will find themselves experiencing a morale boost and wanting to work for you know that your company is helping others who cannot help themselves.


Another important factor of philanthropy is brand awareness. Stephen Odzer knows that customers are more likely to gravitate toward companies that have philanthropic values. If they know that you are helping individuals around the world with your profits then they are more than likely to want to choose your company as their primary source of goods and services. Stephen Odzer also explains that you are more likely to attract top talent in your industry if you practice philanthropic values. More often than not, top talent cannot be bought. They want to work for something that they believe in. By having a philanthropic approach to your business you in turn will bring in some of the best minds in your industry.


However, Stephen Odzer of New York warns business owners about the dangers of pandering. Customers and employees alike can oftentimes determine whether you are being genuine or not. Stephen Odzer recommends that your philanthropic work comes from a place of genuine compassion for those out there that are in need. Pandering can only hurt your reputation as a company and is seen as a quick way to cash in on a cause.