How BuyLifegard Is Enabling Venues to Re-Open in 2021

Stephen Odzer

March 19, 2021

How BuyLifegard Is Enabling Venues to Re-Open in 2021

Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY foresees 2021 as a year of slowly returning to normal, especially when it comes to events. A careful transition from fully digital events back to carefully managed in-person events at venues as vaccines spread and organizations look for a way to return to more traditional events (at least in part).


However, for the foreseeable future, Stephen Odzer knows that venues must continue to plan carefully and implement stringent health and safety policies as they plan their first re-opening stages. As a key distributor of cleaning and disinfectant supplies, Lifeguard is well-positioned to enable these re-opening plans. Here are several ways the company is partnering with venues to make these complex transitions easier.


Stephen Odzer on Bulk Sanitizer Purchases


One of Lifeguard’s core specialties is providing simple bulk purchase options for important supplies that will be necessary for re-opening plans. That includes bulk purchases of hand sanitizer, from small personal battles that can be handed out to larger capacities for sanitizing stands, spraying solutions, and entryways. Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY sees this as an effective way for venues to prepare for 2021 events (and advertise that preparation).


Sanitizer isn’t the only thing that Lifeguard can provide in bulk for venues either: The company is also a source of other important supplies like medical face masks, sanitizing wipes, and related products.


Lifeguard’s New Virus Protection Program


Stephen Odzer also points to Lifeguard’s latest partnerships with Y2X Life Sciences and Bonafide Medical Group for a broad virus protection outreach plan. According to Stephen Odzer, this program is specifically designed for venues planning events. The program is primarily focused on three different aspects of event preparation:


  • PPE (personal protective equipment) for venue workers, which may also be offered for key positions during an event.
  • Disinfectant and disinfectant equipment, which Stephen Odzer notes includes spraying equipment and other setups that venues may need to use based on future plans.
  • Fast virus testing for COVID-19 to ascertain health status at key points, whenever necessary.
  • Wholesale Pricing and Discounts


Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY also points out that Lifeguard is an excellent option to buy PPE and sanitizing products at wholesale processes. This is a key consideration in 2021, as many venues and a variety of industries will be looking for similar supplies to enable their own re-openings according to various regulations. Stephen Odzer reminds venues that this could create another shortage for these products, significantly raising prices and the associated costs of running a venue. Lifeguard’s wholesale prices and specific discounts for items like sanitizing wipes offer an excellent opportunity for venues to stock up now at affordable prices.


Temperature and Air Quality Monitors


The best way for venues to prepare to meet new safety standards is with the right monitoring equipment. Stephen Odzer of Woodmere, NY suggests that venues equip their spaces with mounted temperature monitors for immediate temperature verification, as well as air quality monitors that Lifeguard provides for analyzing the presence of particles and other factors (useful for guaranteeing the effectiveness of spray stations, etc.).