Arab-Business Cooperations

Stephen Odzer

June 30, 2021

Arab and Jewish companies need support if they’re going to thrive, and few people understand the issue better than Stephen Odzer, Founder and CEO of YBT Industries. As an advocate for cooperation and an upstanding leader in his community, he discusses how better relationships are more of a necessity than a luxury. 

 Cooperation at Every Level 

It’s not just the media that needs to get behind Arabic and Jewish businesses — it’s everyone. From government officials to non-profits, there needs to be a radical shift in perceptions. Once people see genuine acceptance coming from the top-down, it’s easier to accept Israeli-owned businesses and evaluate them based on their merits. To that end, Stephen Odzer’s company is a distributor of sanitation supplies and he made it a priority to donate to yeshivas during COVID-19. 

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