Impact of the Scholarship Fund: A Closer Look

Stephen Odzer

December 18, 2020

Entrepreneur Stephen Odzer gives back to the community with a generous scholarship fund.

Stephen Odzer is a well-known philanthropist and businessman who has donated money towards a scholarship fund for students who need financial assistance to go to college. He believes this is the right thing to do, paying for students’ success that he has enjoyed throughout a long career. 

“Students deserve the right to affordable education. Every year college tuition goes up faster than wages. This leaves families with children in dire straits when it comes the time to pay for tuition. By contributing scholarship money to deserving students, I hope to provide more students with access to higher education,” Stephen Odzer said. 

Stephen Odzer Encourages Students to Follow Their Dreams 

Stephen Odzer started his first company at age 18 and always followed his heart. He wants to encourage young students to follow their dreams by getting an education and then seeking jobs in their fields. That’s why he has committed to a lasting effort to provide financial assistance where it’s most needed and invest in our nation’s youth. 

A lack of finances can cause students to postpone their college or university studies. With the help of scholarships, more students can stay in school and finish on time. Also, scholarships enable them to graduate without a massive student loan debt. 

Stephen Odzer Uses His Influence to Help Others Founder and CEO of YBT Industries

Stephen Odzer encourages his employees and business partners to get involved in the community. He believes that improved access to colleges and universities can help recent high school graduates solidify their future in uncertain times. Along with scholarships, young people require mentors that they can look up to. Stephen Odzer aims to provide a good example for aspiring young students who hope to own and operate their own business one day. 

Stephen Odzer Wants to Help Build a Stronger Nation 

Stephen Odzer believes that young university students hold the key to the future of our nation and the world. Investing in recent graduates and older students provides a more solid basis for the United States as a whole at a time when the nation is struggling to remain relevant. 

The Stephen Odzer scholarship is easy to apply for. It’s designed to help students secure the education they need to pursue their passion. He welcomes other businesses to reach out to him to discuss how to get started in creating a scholarship fund or contribute to the community in other ways.