Rooting for the Bronx Bombers: A Passion Beyond Helping Others – Play Ball!

Stephen Odzer

November 20, 2020

From his recent scholarship fund to support children with aspirations of college to his contributions toward helping those on the front lines with getting masks, Stephen Odzer stays a busy man, but when he isn’t running a business, helping others, or funding education he just might be found rooting for his favorite Major League baseball team, the New York Yankees. While this season has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, for Stephen Odzer and many others, the return of baseball is still a much-welcomed diversion.

One might think this 30-year veteran of business might have his plate full. Anyone who knows Stephen Odzer, however, would tell you otherwise and so would Stephen Odzer’s history. For Stephen Odzer, success in the business arena has been a common theme throughout his career, but it seems that business hasn’t been his only area of interest. In addition to his various and successful business ventures, Stephen Odzer has dedicated much of his life to helping others.

When he isn’t working, he might be creating a scholarship fund, donating to causes, or helping to equip medical workers with vital masks. As CEO, Stephen Odzer ensures that his company is dedicated to providing opportunities for those with disabilities. These are only a few of the many examples of how Stephen Odzer is constantly reaching out to help others.

This busy schedule doesn’t mean Stephen Odzer doesn’t take time out to play though, he does. One of his favorite pastimes is the game of baseball, and it was in that same state of New York where Stephen Odzer helped make life-saving masks a reality, that his favorite team the New York Yankees call home. It is also the same deadly COVID-19 virus that Odzer has helped many to fight, which also put the major league baseball season on hold. Now, with the help of many others-focused individuals, it appears we are beginning to get a handle on this pandemic. And that has meant the resumption of a much needed and much-welcomed distraction of Major League baseball.

Stephen Odzer, father of seven children and grandfather to nine, is a busy man. Stephen Odzer is also a man who invests his time, energy, and resources in the things he loves. So the opening of the Major League Season will also have Stephen Odzer cheering for his beloved Yankees, in between everything else he has going on. Play ball!