Scholarship Fund: Delivering Lifetimes of Opportunity

Stephen Odzer

February 26, 2021

The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund: Delivering Lifetimes of Opportunity

In February of 2020, Stephen Odzer announced the launch of his Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program. The program was designed to help students to achieve scholastic accomplishments that might ordinarily be beyond reach.


A Lifetime Dedication to Helping Others | Stephen Odzer


As the Founder and CEO of, Stephen Odzer has devoted much of his resources to giving back to the community that enabled him to succeed. By improving access to education for recent grads and for mature students, Stephen Odzer believes our society will greatly benefit, now and in the future.


As a man who knows what it means to start from humble beginnings, Stephen Odzer earned his first degree with the help of the Brooklyn College Scholars Program. Stephen Odzer also started his first business out of his parent’s basement at the age of 18.


Stephen Odzer says, “Education is among the most important parts of growing up. I want to help to enable students to achieve their academic dreams by reducing the financial burden that has been imposed on them.”


Building a Legacy of Community | Stephen Odzer


The program was designed to give away 20 $1,000 scholarships as just one of the many ways that Stephen Odzer gives back to the community. To qualify, students needed to choose no specific educational track. They must submit proof that they have been accepted by an American college. They must also submit an essay 500 words in length in answer to the question; “What is the biggest issue facing society today.”


Higher education is an important resource for developing young minds. Stephen Odzer explains his conviction that education helps young students to prepare for a successful career they are passionate about. In these times of change, these students can lean on the skill sets they develop to adapt and persevere.


Developing Young Minds | Stephen Odzer


The Stephen Odzer scholarship is meant to spark young applicants to take the question of citizenship more seriously than they might otherwise. Further, Stephen Odzer hopes to deliver a meaningful benefit to those who have already thought deeply about the needs of others, and about those who are less fortunate.


By nurturing a sense of community and gratitude in talented young people, Stephen Odzer is establishing a legacy, not just for himself, but for an entire community- one that will extend well into the future.


The scholarship closed in February 2020. Today, 20 young minds are well on their way to a brighter future, a more rewarding career, and a better world, thanks to their dedication to their fields of study, and the efforts of Stephen Odzer.