Stephen Odzer On Why Nachshon Wachman Is Relevant Today

Stephen Odzer

December 4, 2020

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Stephen Odzer Declares That Who Nachshon Wachman Is Remains Relevant During These Turbulent Times

Stephen Odzer Is The First Cousin To Nachshon Wachman

This longtime businessman is proud of his relationship with Nachshon Wachsman. Though he is no longer physically alive, Stephen Odzer believes what happened to Nachshon Wachsman is extremely important for everyone to remember. Knowing history gives you the best chance of not repeating it. You never know what someone is going through when you encounter them on the street. Who would think that a prominent figure in the distribution business like Stephen Odzer would have a first cousin who was a war hero? Though you might not see it on his face every day, Stephen Odzer thinks about the sacrifices his cousin made for Israel and for the world.

Stephen Odzer Explains Exactly What Happened To Nachshon Wachman

 Was an Israeli soldier who was abducted and later killed in Palestine. He was abducted on October 9, 1994, and was assassinated on October 14, 1994. His captors wanted the release of a certain Palestinian prisoner as well as hundreds more. The rescue mission on October 14 ended with the death of 19-year-old Nachshon Mordecai Wachsman. In addition, three of his captors as well as an Israeli officer were killed during the rescue attempt.

Why It’s Important Today According To Stephen Odzer

It is important to realize that freedom has a price. All over the world today we are seeing people pay that price and we must do all that we can to live peacefully in honoring their sacrifice. Stephen Odzer has decided to dedicate his life to charitable causes and helping all that he comes in contact with. There is much unrest in America as well as around the world. It is important to place the highest value on human life and treat everyone with respect and courtesy despite religious and political differences.

Stephen Odzer Believes You Should Make Your Actions Count. 

Like his cousin, Stephen Odzer believes you should make your life count. He has been in the distribution business for decades and began his very first company at the tender age of 18. He started this company in his parent’s basement and the rest is history. Although he has been successful, he always gives back to his community and has been involved in the AHRC foundation as well as many other Jewish and non-Jewish causes. Stephen Odzer believes in a strong alliance in the Arab/Jewish business corporation. Stephen Odzer will never forget the sacrifices that his cousin made for world peace. Today, Stephen Odzer has many family members who still reside in Israel. The Beit Nachshon is located at the SHALVA Center in Jerusalem. This center is here to help mentally and physically challenged children. It is dedicated to Nachshon Wachsman’s memory. Through his advocacy of the Arab/Jewish business corporation, he is trying to make the world more inclusive of all.