Helping the Community with Scholarships and COVID Relief Launching in April 2021

Stephen Odzer

February 24, 2021

Stephen Odzer Helping the Community with Scholarships and COVID Relief Launching in April 2021

Uplifting the Community with College Scholarships and COVID Prevention


Stephen Odzer is a respected businessman and philanthropist giving back to the community through the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund and the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund. Both non-profits are helping those in need secure their futures and realize their dreams.


The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund, launching in April 2021, will help prevent the spread of COVID 19 with the distribution of masks to vulnerable populations. Donors looking to contribute to the fund can go online and remit their donation within minutes. Similarly, those looking to get masks can order online via a streamlined process. Stephen Odzer is leveraging his experience in distribution and supply chain management to deliver masks efficiently.


According to Hopkins Medicine, masks and social distancing are integral parts of preventing the spread of COVID 19 and similar illnesses. Without effective prevention behaviors and personal protective equipment, those with previous health conditions would be at risk of complications. For this reason, Stephen Odzer is making a concerted effort to donate masks and ensure that communities have the equipment needed to effectively fight COVID 19 and protect the vulnerable.


The Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund helps students aspiring to attend college to achieve their dreams. Fortunately, Stephen Odzer understands the financial strain that higher education puts on students. This strain often turns into a barrier to success unless there is help. As a result, Stephen Odzer is reducing the financial burden of going to college through scholarships. The fund is now accepting applications for the fall of 2021, giving students the opportunity to move past COVID into an exciting future.


For interested students, application materials must be submitted by March 30, 2021. The application consists of a 500-word essay answering the question, “What is the biggest issue facing our modern society?”. Additional information about the scholarship requirements, application materials and awards is available online via the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Fund website. This philanthropic endeavor and others championed by Stephen Odzer are changing the lives of students and families for the better.


Stephen Odzer is a business owner, avid sports fan and responsible citizen with multiple philanthropic projects designed uplift the community. As CEO of Adiva Industries, he has built strong relationships with hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other businesses signifying his ability lead successfully. Donations to Stephen Odzer’s funds are distributed to maximum affect.