Stephen Odzer Discusses the New York Yeshiva That Is Currently Distributing Protect Gear to Local Medical Facilities

Stephen Odzer

September 3, 2020

Stephen Odzer discusses a New York yeshiva that is currently raising money and distributing gear to medical facilities in need.

Communities around the country are coming together to show their support for those suffering from a lack of medical supplies, funding, and more due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rabbi Eitan Rubin, head of the Beit Medrash yeshiva, began this charity work when he received a call from philanthropist and business owner Stephen Odzer.

Stephen Odzer recently discussed how the New York yeshiva has now succeeded in raising money and distributing countless medical supplies to facilities in need. Stephen Odzer explained that it all began when he contacted Rabbi Eitan Rubin about his dwindling inventory of masks, hand sanitizer, and more. He was asking for investors to help buy more products to save his 85 employees from being laid off.

Rubin took this plea for help as a time to give back to his community. He wanted to ensure the supplies went to New York hospitals in need. That’s when the community effort between Stephen Odzer, Eitan Rubin, and countless others to collect funds and supplies began . Stephen Odzer himself donated $100,000, and other donations began flowing in. The end goal is upwards of $2 million.

Stephen OdzerRubin has now been able to source thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, masks, and other supplies from Stephen Odzer to help the cause. The most recent shipment included 8,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 50,000 masks. Despite the recent descent in COVID-19 cases in New York City, Eitan Rubin, Stephen Odzer and their team of volunteers are still tirelessly seeking donations and supplies.

Rubin’s family was directly affected by the pandemic, as his father-in-law contracted the virus roughly two months ago. Thankfully, he was later discharged from the hospital and able to safely recover at home. According to Stephen Odzer, Rubin’s family was self-isolating at home, the philanthropist was working tirelessly to oversee deliveries and ensure local hospitals were getting as many supplies as possible.

Eitan Rubin and Stephen Odzer stated that the next goal was to locate, receive, and deliver 40,000 gowns and isolation suits.

“The goal is to help as many people as possible,” Stephen Odzer said. “And that begins by helping our medical personnel do their jobs safely, so they can save more lives.”

Those interested in donating can visit the organization’s GoFundMe page and do their part to help Eitan Rubin, Stephen Odzer and reach the $2 million goal.