Philanthropy in the Age of Covid-19 and How You Can Help

Stephen Odzer

November 2, 2020

Stephen Odzer is known for his giving and his ability to identify great philanthropic opportunities. Over the years, he has become an expert at providing high-quality help where it is needed and has noticed a considerable increase in humanitarian needs during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. As a result, Steven Odzer recently outlined a few ways people can give during this time and how they can keep themselves and others happy and safe. 

The Philanthropic Needs of the Covid Era Defined by Stephen Odzer

Since the pandemic started, Stephen Odzer has been paying great attention to his community’s humanitarian needs. The demands here are relatively obvious – many areas need masks to protect their citizens, help with medical treatment in hospitals, food for people who are low on cash or out of work, and many more demands that must be appropriately assessed and managed to keep everybody safe. 

As a result, Stephen Odzer has been doing what he can to help out in this situation. He has helped those struggling with mortgage situations, provided food to families, given job opportunities to those who need them, and tried to increase his distribution success to a broader array of fields. By increasing distribution efficiency, Stephen Odzer hopes to enhance the treatment of this disease. 

However, he also understands that not everybody is going to have the capacity to give money. That said, Stephen Odzer believes that people can still do their part and help others during these trying times. Those who do not have money to give can give time and energy to help their community. Stephen Odzer outlined a few of these possibilities and discussed how they could benefit others. 

For example, a growing number of families are likely to become homeless during this pandemic. Stephen Odzer suggests volunteering at a soup kitchen to help these individuals or donating extra food to families in need. Small steps like these may not seem like they would help much, but Stephen Odzer argues that it is often the most modest steps that help out the most for those in need. 

And those who have some medical experience may want to work at a local hospital by volunteering their time, Stephen Odzer says. There are many types of jobs that need to be filled and duties that must be performed. Giving your time in this way is a big step in the right direction for philanthropy.

Just as critically, Stephen Odzer states that people need to be willing to protect themselves and others by using proper sanitary steps. Washing hands, using sanitizer, wearing masks, and limiting trips can all help to stop the spread of this disease. And when performing humanitarian actions, Stephen Odzer states that it is particularly critical to stay safe to limit any dissemination of this disease.