An Unconventional Road to Success: Insights and Stories

Stephen Odzer

February 2, 2021

Although Stephen Odzer is a successful businessman with a thriving distribution company in Nevada, his road to success wasn’t straightforward. It wasn’t handed to him. He had to work for it. As a child, he knew he wanted to go into business, and Stephen Odzer put that plan into action at eighteen. So, how did a Jewish kid from Flatbush manage to become a highly respected CEO with over 30 years in the distribution business? It wasn’t a conventional path, but ambition had a lot to do with it and certainly paved the way. 

Breaking entrepreneurial ground in his parents’ basement, a young Stephen Odzer began paving his path to success. Strongly inspired and encouraged by his father, Seymour Odzer, Stephen used the tools he learned to build a stellar reputation and network in Brooklyn’s tight-knit Jewish community. That helped Stephen Odzer launch into other stratospheres in his home state of New York and, eventually, beyond. Based in Henderson, a Las Vegas suburb, he has worked all over the country but calls both Nevada and New York home. 

One of the tenets of Stephen Odzer’s success is his steadfast dedication to his Jewish faith. Devout and unwavering, he was able to apply his strong principles to his business goals. Stephen Odzer is a faithful supporter of the Republican Party, and his humanitarian outlook means pouring his business success back into the world in meaningful ways. Stephen Odzer believes in embracing community and regularly donates to various causes and groups. A well-known philanthropist, Stephen Odzer is keen to lend advice to budding entrepreneurs, offers annual scholarships to deserving students, and regularly contributes to fundraisers and drives across the country. Yet, Stephen Odzer never forgets where he came from either. His philanthropy still extends to Jewish communities, including working with a New York yeshiva to donate medical supplies during the pandemic. 

Stephen Odzer turned a dream of being a successful businessman into a reality. The young Brooklyn kid that was ambitious and eager went on to become the man he is today. His large family is his touchstone, one of his biggest reasons for staying grounded and humble. Stephen Odzer was always driven toward achievement and stayed the course the entire way. Now, he wants to make sure that others will be able to achieve similar things. Stephen Odzer has finally arrived at his destination but doesn’t plan on stopping just yet. There’s still much more to do, and Stephen Odzer is up for the challenge.