Discussing the Keys to a Las Vegas Knights Game 5 Victory

Stephen Odzer

November 20, 2020

Hockey enthusiast Stephen Odzer recently discussed the keys to a Las Vegas Golden Knights game five victory.

Fans of the Las Vegas Golden Knights have been holding their breath as the team becomes steps closer to reaching the Western Conference Final. Fans are no strangers to the success of the Knights, as they reached the Western Conference Final just two years ago. However, hockey enthusiasts like Stephen Odzer are still sitting at the edges of their seats.

Stephen Odzer, a devoted Las Vegas Golden Knights fan, recently discussed what it will take for the Knights to reach the Western Conference Final and continue fighting for the Stanley Cup.

“The Knights are going to have to bring a stronger offense into game five,” Stephen Odzer said. “Scoring doesn’t need to be left up to the forwards. If Vegas can keep turning their defense into office, we could see a win.”

Stephen Odzer explained that Golden Knights defensive players have scored a total of 15 points in the second round against the Vancouver Canucks. Stephen Odzer added that Vancouver is already prepared to defend the Vegas offense, but they’re not ready to match up against the team’s primary defense and second-team defenders.

“The Golden Knights really dominate the 5-on-5 play,” Stephen Odzer said. “They need to score during 5-on-5 action because they haven’t proven as effective during power plays.”

Stephen Odzer stated that the Vancouver Canucks have scored three of their eight goals in the series during power plays. He added that of the Golden Knights’ 15 goals, only four have been scored during a power play. The Canucks appear to have the upper edge during the power play, but the Golden Knights are nearly impossible to stop during 5-on-5 play.

“The Golden Knights have some of the best depth in the league,” Stephen Odzer said. “They can keep rolling out the talent when Vancouver’s last defenseman hit the ice.”

Stephen Odzer stated that much of what he believes has led Las Vegas to victory so far is how diverse the team’s talent is. Vegas can bring out its third line and dominate the Canucks, a team with much weaker second and third teams. Vancouver’s third line is no matchup for Las Vegas’, and that could be what takes the Golden Knights to victory.

“As fans, we’re hoping the Las Vegas Knights dominate with the third line, overpower in 5-on-5 play, and keep the defense scoring,” Stephen Odzer said. “That’s what can take us to the Stanley Cup.”